Five newly discovered increased risk factors of developing dementia

Something that causes harm to the body, dangerous for the brain: obesity or Smoking are known risk factors for the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. But ongoing research finds new dangers, which may contribute to the destruction of the brain.

Пять недавно открытых факторов повышенного риска развития деменции

In relation to dementia, to date, identified a number of hazards. Among them, alas, there are such development factors of the disease, which cannot be influenced. These include, in particular:

Also among the risk factors there are, change who the person is quite capable.

“About 30 percent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease can be explained by the risk factors we can influence more or less effectively,” said researchers from the Karolinska Institute (Sweden).

The list of these circumstances they included: Five newly discovered risk factors for the development of dementia. Studies conducted in recent years revealed the following risks factors.

Damage to small blood vessels. Scientists from the University of Barcelona was discovered that bleeding in the small blood vessels that can be seen on MRI, indicate the risk of dementia in patients with high blood pressure aged 45 years.

Stress in middle-age. The experiences, fears and anxiety related to financial and professional problems, can increase the risk of dementia by about a quarter.

Loneliness. People who live alone and feel lonely in older age have higher risk of dementia — according to research, 44 percent.

A bad dream. Researchers from Boston University found that a shortened phase of deep sleep is associated with an increase in the brain of Tau-proteins, destroying his neurons. A good night’s sleep in all its phases is an important protective factor from dementia, scientists said.

Drinks with sugar. According to Columbia University among people with the highest consumption of sugary drinks, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease increased by about 50 percent.