Five nutrition tips for drinkers

Despite the fact that doctors around the world talking about the dangers of alcohol, for some a glass of beer after work or a glass of wine with dinner is a way of life. The experts gave some tips on how to minimize the side effects of drinking alcohol.

Пять советов по питанию для любителей выпить

It’s true – the alcohol helps to relax. But we must not forget that alcoholic beverages contain toxins that negatively affect our entire body. So how do you need to eat to reduce the harm of alcohol?

Drink a glass of water

The first thing to do after the “fun night” is to drink a glass of clean water. It removes from the body all harmful substances generated during alcohol decomposition in the liver. Because of the toxins we feel the hangover in the morning.

Eat more vitamins

Alcohol reduces the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, so to make up for the lack of them, you need to eat more fresh foods with lots of nutrients and minerals. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish, nuts – it should be in your diet the day after drinking.

More slow carbs

Oatmeal for tomorrow, bean soup for lunch, buckwheat or brown rice for dinner – eat plenty of slow carbs. They’re holding the alcohol in the stomach and inhibit its absorption. Internal organs suffer much less.

Eat less salt

It is commonly take to alcoholic beverages salty snacks — cheese, chips, snacks, dried fish. However, contained in the salt are sodium provokes swelling and increases the pressure. It is better to take a complete dish of olives or unsalted as snacks.

Do not drink on an empty stomach

This is perhaps the most important rule. Remember, if you do not eat, and then go with friends in a bar – heavy hangover morning you provided. If you do not have time to fully eat, at least “Zamora worm” yogurt or pack of bread.