Five positive health effects from normal walking

Not everyone likes to spend hours in the gym or running. Many excessive physical activity altogether contraindicated. Not a problem! Experts have called five positive health effects from a simple walk.

Пять положительных эффектов для здоровья от обычной прогулки

The doctors said that even 10-15 minutes of walking in the fresh air are not less favorable effects on health than exercise. What is a good walk at an average pace?

Accelerating the metabolism

One study, published in the Nigerian medical journal, showed that if you walk an hour a day, the risk of metabolic syndrome reduced by nearly 30%. Metabolic syndrome is a complex of changes caused by the disturbance in metabolism. It can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even early death. Metabolic syndrome is a side effect of a sedentary lifestyle of modern people.

Increases life expectancy

Scientists reported that people who maintain a walking pace at a more Mature age, is less prone to premature death and various diseases.

Helps get rid of insomnia

Experts say that walk in the fresh air helps get rid of insomnia is not worse than sleeping pills. Experts from the USA found that regularly engaged in walking, people sleep better than those who, for example, has been in the gym strength training.

Helps to reduce the number of outbreaks of asthma

Doctors say that a 15-minute walk to help those suffering from asthma people to reduce the frequency of seizures in contrast to physical exercises that can provoke them.

Reduces stress

In our hectic lifestyle many stressed. Now, scientists say that walking helps to restore emotional balance, if people suffer from depression and stress. If stress is starting to cause a negative impact on your life, you definitely need to try this new drink.