Five products that will help you to stay in good shape to old age

The correct nourishment will help men and women stay longer in good shape.

Пять продуктов, которые помогут оставаться в тонусе до старости

Sexy and suitable for a romantic dinner there are the following products:

  • Watermelon

Juicy and fresh watermelon can replace pills for male power. For example, a sex therapist Christopher Calapai said in an interview with Medical Daily, that prescribes their patients often have watermelons. Contained therein, lycopene and citrulline are able to relax blood vessels and improve the supply of blood. It even helps with erectile dysfunction.

  • Ginseng

The restorative properties help to both men and women. Red ginseng can be added in tea. It is also useful during menopause in women.

  • Arugula

This greens is sure to add to salads. Arugula contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. Sexologist Christopher Calapai also believes that green is useful for libido, therefore, is an aphrodisiac.

  • Avocado

Avocados are rich in vitamin B6. It is very useful for the development of male hormones, in addition, it regulates the proper functioning of the thyroid. So useful avocado both men and women.

  • Olive oil

Christopher Calapai explains that olive oil should eat every day to health was in order. Thanks moneysystem and polinenasyshchenne fats that help the heart and blood vessels healthy, and glands of internal secretion to function normally. Both these components are useful for sexual health.