Five tips for those who want to immigrate to the United States

Every year, thousands of immigrants from the former Soviet Union are emigrating abroad, particularly in America. Despite the fact that moving to the West to live and work seems at first sight tempting, in most cases, emigration to the United States accompanied by a kind of financial, psychological and spiritual problems. Here are five tips that will help to overcome the difficulties associated with immigration, writes Uzbek Immigrant.

Пять советов для тех, кто хочет иммигрировать в США

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1. Decide the purpose of your emigration

Before leaving the US really think about why you want to emigrate to this country. For example, if you have a dream, which cannot be done at home if you can do it in the US? What, in your opinion, opportunities will open up for your profession and career? In short, what sense can add emigration to the United States in your life?

2. Learn English

Communication in the native language is an integral part of our daily life. But in order to find a job, you have to know English. The main difficulties faced by our countrymen are connected to their ignorance of the language. Admission to the University, the passage of short training courses, job search, submission of documents to state authorities, registration of children in school or kindergarten are a daunting task for those who do not know English. So after you decide to emigrate to the United States, begin to learn this language. If you own it a little bit, work on its improvement.

3. Consider a profession that will do

Despite the profession you have or what position you hold at home, in the first months after arrival in the United States think about how to make money. Your profession may not be useful in this country. On the contrary, your skills are not useful to you at home, can help you as soon as possible to find a job, earn good money. Or prepare mentally for a new job and work on it.

Пять советов для тех, кто хочет иммигрировать в США

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4. Consult with friends

If you live in the States your friends, communicate with them and feel free to ask them questions about life in this country, consult with them on issues of interest to you. In particular, ask questions about what state, where and with whom to live at an early stage, discuss the job search and find out where are the best schools for your children.

5. Be psychologically ready for a hard life conditions

Even in the case where you set a certain goal for myself, I speak English and believe in your skills, in the United States before you encounter unexpected and unforeseen challenges. It will be hard for you away from family and friends. In difficult days your family, relatives and friends will not be able to lend you a helping hand and you will stay alone with all your problems. If you lived at home in his house, in the USA you will have to pay a large sum of money for rent. In General, don’t lose sight of lifestyle, work, conditions of work and family life and be both mentally and psychologically prepared for the fact that all this can bring unexpected surprises.

In short, if you want to emigrate to America, listen to these 5 tips at worst. Of course, on the basis of personal and/or family situation of each person, changing the sense of what you should pay attention before leaving for the United States.