Flight attendants paid upon arrival at the airport

Flight Attendants Paid Upon Arrival ;roport


Recently unionized, Pascan Aviation flight crew will be paid upon arrival at the airport and not based on flight duration, a first in Canada. 

Unionized since Wednesday, the airline's flight personnel unanimously voted for a first three-year collective agreement which provides for salary increases of 40% to 52%.

This important bonus of the remuneration is due to the fact that the parties negotiated so that the principle of time on duty and not flight time now applies.

In the aeronautical field, flight attendants are paid only from the start of the aircraft's engines to their shutdown at destination.

At Pascan, they will be paid upon arrival at the airport, which is a first in Canada.

“We are very proud of this agreement. It is a first in Canada. In the context of the current labor shortage, Pascan is an exemplary employer that will be able to retain its staff, among other things, through the diversity of schedules,” said union president Jessé Vigneault.

Pascan Aviation is one of the airlines serving the regions of Quebec. It hires about twenty flight attendants.