Flight WestJet flying to Toronto, urgently returned to the airport (PHOTO)


Рейс WestJet, летевший в Торонто, экстренно вернулся в аэропорт  (ФОТО)

Plans of flight WS660 WestJet traveling yesterday in Toronto have changed when their plane struck a bird and was forced to return in calgary.

The WestJet representative told reporters that the aircraft collided with a bird during take-off and returned to the departure airport as a precaution.

The WestJet representative also stated that they temporarily withdrew the aircraft from service for maintenance, and in any case was caused by emergency repair of the machine.

After the ship returned to point of departure, 165 passengers were sent to the terminal to await another flight.

About the injuries of the passengers reported the aircraft landed safely, which, unfortunately, definitely can not say about the bird.

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