Flights, hotel, and even the treatment of countries that will pay for the cost of tourists after the quarantine

Since international travel has been greatly reduced because of the coronavirus pandemic, some countries, weakening the quarantine restrictions, consider the ability to pay of tourists for their visit, writes the Mirror.

Перелет, отель и даже лечение: страны, которые оплатят расходы туристов после карантина

Cancun, Mexico. Photo: Shutterstock

Countries hard hit by the coronavirus crisis, offering to pay travelers for their visit after the end of the pandemic to improve their economic situation. In many popular tourist areas, the number of visitors tends to zero, since the flight is cancelled and the borders closed down all over the world.

Now, no one knows when travel will fully resume. But sooner or later it will happen: the crisis in connection with the coronavirus dies down and overseas travel is again allowed.

Some countries are in desperate need of relaxation, to stimulate the victim’s tourism sector. Here is what they offer after the lifting of quarantine restrictions.

1. Sicily

The Italian island offers to pay up to half the cost of the flight and every third night of stay for tourists wishing to visit Sicily.

The pandemic has hit Italy hard and fast, and the tourism industry received a serious blow as the visitors had to cancel trips this year.

Then it seemed that the opportunity to enjoy pasta and Limoncello will be closed until the end of the year, but now planned to return to his former life.

Campers will also receive free entrance to some of the regional world-class museums and archaeological sites.

Vouchers will be available on the official website of the Mediterranean island Visit Sicily.

2. Mexico

When the tourists return to Mexico in search of tacos, sandy beaches and incredible cultural attractions, they can expect to stay for free.

According to the Association of hotels of Cancun, one of the new measures may be suggested, “Come to Cancun 2×1”, which includes a free night at the hotel if you are paying for two.

Other offers may include paying for the plane ticket if you are traveling with a particular airline.

3. Bulgaria

As in many countries, the government seeks to return travelers to their country as soon as possible.

In Sunny beach and other tourist areas of Bulgaria, visitors will be offered free sun loungers, hammocks and tables, when the beaches will re-open after quarantine.

4. Cyprus

Unlike other proposals, is what I would like to avoid. But if that happens, you will be grateful to the government of Cyprus for taking care of you, your family or friends.

At the airport in Cyprus every day to check on coronavirus random number of travelers.

If a person is positive, he will receive free medical care, and accommodation and food for his family or friends in this time will be paid for by the government.



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