Flights winter: how dangerous is a slippery landing strip

Winter is a beautiful time of year. Everything is covered with snow, ice you can skate on the street. But at this time of year are covered with ice, not only the street but also runways. Edition of USA Today learned from an experienced pilot if it is safe to plant the plane in such weather, and how the system works anti.

Перелеты зимой: насколько опасна скользкая посадочная полоса

Photo: Depositphotos

John Cox, airline captain, retired at US Airways and runs his own consulting company for safety, said that while landing in icy conditions is a complex task, it can be done safely.

“Anti-skid system of a modern aircraft is very good. Many times I have landed on the icy runway using a skid to safely stop the plane,” says Cox.

Pilots listen carefully to other planes that are landing, to understand the situation on the runway. In addition to the wheel brakes on most aircraft pilots can use reverse thrust to help the plane slow down. As soon as the plane will slow down to the speed of taxiing, pilots must carefully and slowly maneuver towards goal.

Airports are doing everything possible to the runway was clean and smooth, which is very important for flight performance. Pilots are informed about when was the last snow, so they can judge the braking conditions. Airports that are located in countries or States where snow falls abundantly, get special equipment for harvesting the huge amount of snow.

The limiting factor on the ice-covered runway is often a side wind. During the initial pivot during the landing of a strong side wind can push the plane sideways. Pilots try to estimate the crosswind before landing.

The conditions on the bar can change quickly, requiring the pilot reaction and experience to determine whether it is safe to continue driving.