Flooded streets, tornado, power outages: storm Cristobal came close to US

American States facing the Gulf of Mexico, faced on 7 June, heavy rains caused by tropical storm Cristobal. The storm has already led to the formation of a tornado in Florida. Forecasters predict that a new tornado as well as strong winds and storm surges threaten greater part of the coast, writes ABC News.

Затопленные улицы, торнадо, отключения электричества: шторм Кристобаль вплотную подошел к США

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In Louisiana and Mississippi even before the storm ashore due to heavy rains flooded roads, and thousands of people were left without electricity. According to forecasts, the storm should make landfall in Louisiana late on the evening of 7 June.

Forecasters warned that the storm the storm will affect a vast territory that stretches for hundreds of miles to the North of Louisiana. Hardest from the storm affected the Southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi, where some areas may fall up to 12 inches (30 cm) of rain, and storm surges can reach five feet (1.5 meters).

Затопленные улицы, торнадо, отключения электричества: шторм Кристобаль вплотную подошел к США

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“It is a very strong tropical rains,” — said the Director of the National hurricane center Ken Graham.

The storm also could cause tornadoes in parts of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida.

June 7 it rained intermittently in the famous French quarter of New Orleans, but the streets were almost deserted, as many companies are closed due to the coronavirus.

Daniel Priestman went for groceries in the store. According to him, he didn’t see people frantically swept everything off the shelves, as it was before the other storms. He suggested that people have enough stocked up for coronavirus, and can be “scared and shocked” coronavirus, the recent violence by the police and protests.

“They seem resigned to what is happening. It happens”, — he said.

The Council for Sewerage and water New Orleans said that the city’s sewer system has limitations and is outdated, so residents should avoid underpasses and low-lying areas where water may accumulate due to rain and floods.

The inhabitants of the island of Grand island in Louisiana were evacuated, and highway there are already flooded, most of the island is impassable.

Louisiana national guard has prepared dozens of high-mountain vehicles and rescue boats and ready, if necessary, immediately go to the rescue operation in the southern part of the state.

In Biloxi, Mississippi, in the morning of 7 June, the pier was almost flooded. The national hurricane center in Miami said gusts with winds of tropical force reached the mouth of the Mississippi river, and conditions are expected to worsen.

The force of the wind in storm Cristobal reaches 50 mph (85 km/h), it moves North with a speed of 5 mph (8 km/h). Landfall it is still not made, but manifested itself on American soil the evening of July 6, triggering a tornado near downtown Orlando. The phenomenon was recorded around 19:30, about injuries, and no injuries were reported, but the storm has broken trees and led to power outages.

Scott Kelly, a meteorologist from the National weather service said that the tornado was directly related to the storm that caused the changes in atmospheric pressure and suitable conditions for vortex formation.

Warning the tropical storm was released in cities on the Northern Gulf coast from Intracoastal waterway (Louisiana) to the border areas between Alabama and Florida.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the storm will come ashore in Louisiana on the evening of Sunday or Monday morning, and then heading North through Arkansas and Missouri.

The Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency to prepare for the arrival of the storm.

Authorities in Jefferson parish, a suburb of New Orleans, called for voluntary evacuation of residents of coastal areas because of the threat of storm surge, high tides and heavy rains. Residents were asked to move cars, boats and campers on a hill.




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