Flooding in Venice nearly became the record: flooded 80% of the city, killing one man (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Наводнение в Венеции едва не стало рекордным: затоплено 80% города, погиб один человек (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

12 November high tide after heavy rains had flooded the centre of the Italian city of Venice. The water level reached 127 cm, but due to adverse weather conditions in the region, meteorologists warned of still greater wave in the night environment.

It was expected that the evening, the water will rise in the city centre to 140 cm, and on the morning of November 13 to 145 cm, But the storm with wind gusts near the coast up to 125 km/h and overtook the waves, and as a result the water level in the centre of the city grew to 187 cm, the second best value in the entire history of observations. Record (194 cm) was recorded in 1966, according to Stormnews.

The city suffered serious damage. Damaged a large number of gondolas and boats. Flooded the entire historical centre. In the Cathedral of San Marco, the water level reached 110 see On the island Pellestrina podtoplentsam in the home as a result of electric shock killed 78-year-old man, reports Rai News.

Flooded with more than 80% of the city. Residents advised not to go outside. “This time we are experiencing a real disaster, and the damage can not be avoided” – leads TASS words of the mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro that in the near future intends to declare the natural disaster regime.

The Agency notes that the phenomenon of “high water” typical of Venice, situated on several Islands in the lagoon of the Adriatic sea. It is associated with sea level rise, what happens usually in the fall and spring and depend on lunar cycles and tides. The water level also rises due to the rains, as happened this time. Flooding was also caused by the wind from the sea.