Floods in Ukraine and Israel sent humanitarian aid to the victims

Наводнения в Украине: Израиль направил гумпомощь пострадавшим

Israel has allocated UAH 500 thousand in humanitarian aid to the victims of flood in Western Ukraine.

This was told by the Ambassador of Israel in Ukraine Joel Layan, reports The Jerusalem Post.

“When we began to understand the scale of the natural disaster in Western Ukraine, we started working with the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Jerusalem for the purpose of allocation of special funds and urgent care. (Was formed — ed.) the budget half a million hryvnias for the purchase of basic equipment, ” said Kamala.

The Embassy has already sent to the victims of floods in Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions thousands of bottles of drinking water.

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“Bottled water — only first aid Israeli victims. Later this week will also be provided with tents and hundreds of sleeping bags,” notes The Jerusalem Post.

As reported, on June 23 in the Western regions of the country due to the heavy rain started major flooding. Destroyed hundreds of kilometers of roads, dozens of bridges and kilometers of coastal fortifications, evacuated hundreds of people.