Floods, tornadoes and dangerous heat: the holiday weekend in the United States can rapidly deteriorate weather

Meteorological disturbances on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico will lead to stormy weather in the weekend 4 and 5 July, and it is likely that this phenomenon may become a tropical depression or storm, writes Weather.com. In some regions during the weekend of a possible strong heat.

Наводнения, торнадо и опасная жара: в праздничные выходные в США может резко ухудшиться погода

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Weather upper level system will form near the Eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico by the weekend and combined with tropical moisture can lead to numerous showers and thunderstorms.

The combination of the weather conditions could become a tropical depression or storm in the northeastern Gulf or off the Southeast coast next week (after 5 July). If this happens, it is likely that this system will be in the Atlantic, but she can still reach the South-East coast.

It is also possible that the low pressure area will remain in the country in the South-East that will prevent the development of any significant tropical phenomena.

At the moment, nothing to worry about, say forecasters.

The next tropical storm that formed in the Atlantic basin, will be named Edward.

No matter what happens, local heavy rainfall from this system will affect Gulf and South East coast during the holiday weekend. In some areas from southern Mississippi to South Alabama, North Florida and South Georgia may fall at least an inch (2.5 cm) of rain.

More severe precipitation is possible where for a few hours late band of rain or thunderstorms, which could lead to local flash flooding.

Thursday, July 2, possible a few severe storms from the Central plains to the Southeast United States. Here, you can experience thunderstorms with large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes.

A layer of dust from the Sahara linger for another day — until 3 July in Texas and Louisiana. Although the dust is not so thick as in previous days, it still creates foggy conditions.

Dangerous heat wave in the Central U.S.

As reported by Fox News, since Thursday, July 2, starts the hottest days this year in the United States.

Intense heat and humidity will be the main weather pattern of the rest of the week and a celebratory weekend on 4 and 5 July.

July 2 in the Central and southern Plains are warning the hot weather. In these regions the temperature will rise up to 105-115 degrees (40,5-46 Celsius).

Extremely hot weather is expected across the country. The temperature will rise closer to 100 Fahrenheit (37,7 Celsius) in the territory from Denver to Dallas and New Orleans, and will stay above 90 (to 32.2 Celsius) from Minneapolis to Chicago, to new York and South to Tampa.

Vulnerable people should avoid going outside during the peak heat of the afternoon and early evening.

Increased fire risk is expected in some parts of Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.

In California, fire crews were able to stop the fire, which burned about 3500 acres (1416 hectares more) as of Thursday morning, July 2.

Fire Bena Fire, burning East of Bakersfield, began about 3 p.m. Wednesday, July 1, and quickly spread. The fire Department Kern County said on Twitter that crews worked through the night to reach a preliminary localization of the fire.


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