Florida is the world’s only home-airport: how it works and who lives there

“The famous American actor John Travolta, has bought land on the former airport and built a unique residential complex, which is unique in the world. It is worth noting that such a purchase was not spontaneous, himself, Travolta owns five aircraft and is able to control the aircraft. Today, the construction of luxury homes finished, and John is proud to introduce all of their homes,” writes the author of the blog “the Age zastrow” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Во Флориде находится единственный в мире дом-аэропорт: как он работает и кто там живет

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House airport

As noted in the media, a new house Travolta is a complete and functioning airport, where you can easily fly anywhere in the world. The mansion has two runways for private purposes. Of course, third party aircraft will not be able to land at a private site.

In the house lives the owner and his wife Kelly Preston. They became sole owners of the building-airport, which is located in the state of Florida. Previously, the airport belonged to the company Jumbolair Aviation Estates.


It is worth noting that the actor is one of the richest stars of Hollywood. Over a long career he managed to star in many movies and musicals. More than 80 movies and a number of disks with music and singles. John Travolta is the winner of several awards, including a Golden globe and an Emmy.


According to the actor, so the choice was made not just. John all his life dreamed of having his own airport, and connecting the dream with the comfortable mansion he was able to outdo himself. Now, Travolta is able to completely fulfill his dream, to step out on the porch of his house and to fly from anywhere in the world.

The house is about 2.2 square kilometers. There is an aircraft hangar and its own mission control center, which is able to coordinate takeoff and landing.


Travolta said that as a child dreamed of flying and was fascinated by aviation. As they say – dreams come true! John came all the way to his cherished dream. Note that it was worth it. In the end, the actor has successfully graduated from the pilot training and even received a certificate for management of the Boeing 707. He contacted home builders who do custom homes and voila!


The mansion has a height of 16 meters, but the building itself is difficult to attribute to any style. All designs are created with a hint of aviation subjects. Experts say only two of the style – classic American style and airport. The buildings have large panoramic Windows, which offer chic look. The house is only fourteen rooms that can accommodate tenants and guests of the house. Travolta spends a lot of time in the kitchen, likes to cook and tasty to eat. For these purposes, there are two kitchens where you can cook any gourmet meal.