Florida raging forest fire: residents evacuated, highway closed

At least four fires have merged into a single flame and burned thousands of acres across southwest Florida, which led to the evacuation and closure of a major interstate. This writes Fox News.

Во Флориде бушует лесной пожар: жителей эвакуируют, шоссе перекрыто

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The forest Department of Florida said that one of the fires near Naples was threatening about 30 homes in the County of Collier. As of Wednesday evening, may 13, the fire covered about 5,000 acres (2,023 ha), when four different fires merged together.

“We do not have localization”, — said the head of the fire Department of the district Kingman Should.

One of the fires led to the closure of the 20-mile (32 km) of a portion of interstate 75 known as Alligatorsql lane. The road is closed Thursday morning, may 14.

Police said on Twitter that officers will monitor the situation along the highway during the day. They advised motorists to proceed with caution and established detours.

Nearby roads were open to traffic Thursday morning. Highway 75 extends from Naples on the Gulf coast of Florida to Broward County in South Florida.

Drone video posted to Facebook, shows huge clouds of smoke rising over the affected areas.

The Sheriff’s office of Collier County and the Florida Commission for the protection of fish and wildlife coordinated the evacuation of the surrounding areas because of the fires.

“We ask that everyone please be patient, wrote in the Sheriff’s office Facebook. — This is a dynamic situation, and when the equipment will be moved to fight the fire, there will be temporary road closures”.

In some areas operated a mandatory evacuation.

Fire Department Naples said that units from all agencies emergency help to deal with the crisis.

Should said that there are reports of residents near fires, suffered from minor injuries such as smoke inhalation, and at least three firefighters were injured while working.

Officials said that fire conditions in the southwest Florida were extremely high from Tuesday, may 12, before the area got rain moisture.

“We expect that will be the active operation of fire fighting in the coming days, said Should. We’re trying to take a position to get access and to localize the fire.”