Florida three-meter alligator attacked a 14-year-old

A 10-foot (three-meter) alligator attacked a teenager in Florida who was walking near the pond, writes Click Orlando.

Во Флориде трехметровый аллигатор напал на 14-летнего подростка

Photo: Shutterstock

Officials said the Florida Commission for the protection of fish and wildlife, alligator caught in a trap and transported to a more suitable place for him.

According to officials, the attack of reptiles on 14-year-old occurred on Tuesday, June 2, in the County of Charlotte, Florida.

The Commission said that the alligator was bitten by a juvenile, when he passed near the pond.

The teenager was urgently sent to the hospital — he is expected to fully recover.

The alligator promised to catch and forward to the reptile farm nearby.

Officials reminded residents of Florida that with the increase of ambient temperature, alligators are most active.

“Remember, never feed an alligator and keep your distance if you see him. Swim only in designated bathing spots in the daytime. And keep Pets on a leash and away from water,” said officials.

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