Florida woman 4 times called in service of rescue to her home in another city

A woman from Florida called 911 on the line Wednesday, June 24, four times. She wanted to ask her for a ride to the nearest town, but instead was sent to prison. This writes the New York Post.

Во Флориде женщина 4 раза звонила в службу спасения, чтобы ее подвезли в другой город

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31-year-old Sarah Alameh from Eagle lake (FL), 60 miles (96.5 km) southwest of Orlando, was charged with misuse of 911, said police Department winter haven.

As reported in the Department, Allameh called the emergency services at 2:45 and said “Hello” and then hung up. Officers arrived to a call place, but found no one. She made a second call at 03:00, but the connection was broken.

Officers arrived at the same place and found Alameh in the Parking lot of the hospital. She said she called 911 because she had to go to another city.

The officer warned her that line only for 911 emergency calls, and told her to leave the property if she doesn’t need medical assistance. Alameh left and again called 911 to complain about the officer.

“This time she wanted to complain that the officer did not provide her necessary service sponsored by the taxpayer for the taxi ride, — stated in the message of Department in Facebook. “The officers again explained that if she needed a ride, then you should not call 911 in the case when don’t need the extra help.”

“Can you guess what happened next? asked in the police Department. — Of course, — another call on the line, 911 received from the same number”.

Officers responded to the situation and delivered Alameh to jail Polk County.