Fluctuations in blood pressure is not less dangerous than hypertension

German researchers came to the conclusion that fluctuations in blood pressure is not less dangerous than hypertension. In connection with which scholars suggest to find out the cause of this phenomenon to reduce the risk of death.

Колебания кровяного давления не менее опасны, чем гипертония

Blood pressure depends on age, gender, weight, diet and time of day. With excessive physical or mental load, it increases, but then, as a rule, regulated by itself. Small fluctuations of the relevant indicators during the day are the norm, the scientists explain. However, if it is frequent and it is impossible to explain, but this is the danger. To confirm this, the researchers from Germany analyzed medical records of 25 814 people aged at least 55 years of age and had at least one risk factor of cardiovascular diseases. Patients were regularly examined for 28 months. In the end it turned out that the more the standard deviation of systolic blood pressure during various doctor visits, the more frequent cardiovascular events.

The exact data are as follows: patients with the greatest fluctuation in blood pressure the risk of fatal coronary heart disease or nonfatal myocardial infarction was increased by 30%. The total mortality rose to 58%, the risk of stroke by 46%, and heart failure by 25%. The study also observed the fluctuation in the diastolic blood pressure is associated with accumulation of cardiovascular events and increased mortality.

As for the reasons, according to doctors, this may be caused by other diseases, for example dysfunction of the thyroid gland. There is a connection with menopause. In any case, the reasons must be clarified and eliminated, scientists warn, as fluctuations AD threat no less hypertension.