Flying platform, a duet with Potap and fight fans: how was the concert of Oleg Vinnik (photo…

Летающая платформа, дуэт с Потапом и драка фанаток: как прошел концерт Олега Винника (фото...

Popular singer Oleg Vinnik, who agreed to participate in the show “Dances with stars z”, made up of a large-scale tour “Roksolana” solo concert in Kiev. On the show, details of which were kept secret, was attended by 10 thousand, “she-wolf” of different parts of the country. The sports Palace was Packed to capacity. The most dedicated fans flocked to the fan zone to the stage, where the advance took place and literally fought for a place near the idol.

Летающая платформа, дуэт с Потапом и драка фанаток: как прошел концерт Олега Винника (фото...

Pet women’s forced himself to wait. He did the last run with Director Katya Tsarik, and then the singer seized the journalists. Before going on stage, he answered questions from the media. Oleg admitted that this year has been difficult for him, a rich, instructive, but very interesting. The singer does not hide that tired, this concert is the last solo in the past year. Next — a shooting in new projects, corporate events and work on new songs. To rest in the near future Vinnik no plans.

“What holiday?! In the last month I don’t remember when I had a day off. For four days sleeping three hours a day. After the concert, I dream to sleep well and eat. So you want homemade fried potatoes with yogurt”, — said winnick “FACTS” before the concert.

“Every day I thank God that hold on the feet that feel the strength. About where to draw inspiration, do not even think. It’s in my audience”, — said Oleg.

By the way, in Kiev, he came from Belarus just a day before the concert. Said that it was a new show experiment. This was the first collaboration of the artist with a female Director Katya Tsarik and stage-of trasformer, which mechanically change its design eight times. In General, it weighs 150 tons!

I can assure you that this stage for the first time used in Ukraine. It is mounted more than three days, I don’t know how many hundreds of people were involved in the preparation. Very grateful for these people and the Director for the idea”, — said winnick before the concert, which was prepared six months.

I have long said that a woman will be able to experience my thoughts and make them a stage. The first time I saw a picture of the scene was shocked: “I’m out there anyway?”, — joked the singer.

Traditionally Vinnik performed their hits, “Happiness”, “Nino”, “Wolf”, “the Bride” and the new song “Embroidered”, “Roksolana”. Oleg said that this song is special to him. After all, he lived a long time abroad and knows how to earn bread in a foreign country.

So many years have lived abroad and know what kind of pain. In search of a better life we find some money, something else, but kill yourself. Time we forget about those things I called “root”. This song is my cry to the Ukrainians, because I know we all around the world. I’ll be honest, urges Ukrainians to return home”, — said the artist.

Recall winnick left in Gemaniyu, where he first took voice lessons and worked as a tutor, teaching children. Then after Hiking on numerous auditions, he got leading roles in popular musicals. The singer became a star after the role of Jean Valjean in the musical “Les Miserables.” At the peak of popularity in Europe winnick decided to return to Ukraine and here to start from scratch career.

Between the first and second branch spectators entertained with “lovely black flower”, as it calls winnick, backing vocalist Tune with which the artist has long been credited with the novel and even called his secret wife. She attracted the views in the chic black dress with a neckline and high-cut, revealing slender legs. During one of the breaks Oleg approached the singer, hugged her waist and whirled in the dance. “Well, sure they’re a couple”, — were whispered in crowd of groupies.

In the second part winnick effectively appeared in the hall, descending from the ceiling to the stage on a hanging platform.

Летающая платформа, дуэт с Потапом и драка фанаток: как прошел концерт Олега Винника (фото...

A duet with Potap just blew up the hall together colleagues danced the song “Best day”, forcing him to dance all the same room. This song became the soundtrack to the Comedy “Skujene wedding,” in which Potap and winnick played a cameo role.

Летающая платформа, дуэт с Потапом и драка фанаток: как прошел концерт Олега Винника (фото...

“Move your body” — shouted the captain, running to the crowd a wave of euphoria.

“I am very glad that the captain persuaded me to do this song,” said winnick.

At the end of the show, the singer introduced a new dance composition, stylized ‘ 80s, “Mad love”. At the end of the song appeared on the stage a dancer in a red dress with a huge glass heart, and in the end of the song smashed it on the stage.

“Today, love has become insane: cold, cruel, cynical, fleeting. Looking around, what do we have? — passion, aggression, search for your own profit. Love can be cruel. This is the reality of our world, about which I cannot be silent, and which decided in allegorical form to say in his new song. I wrote it back in 2008, and only now gave her and I want to emphasize that love is such a fragile thing that we must cherish and appreciate”, — said winnick, introducing new.

In the finals, fans gave a loud applause and summoned the singer for an encore.

The evening was not without adventure. Cameras recorded the fight fans in the fan zone for a place closer to the stage. While winnick sang “the Bride” two women are locked in combat, wanting to get closer to the idol. To separate the ladies tried men.

Also one of the fans, obviously “impressed” by the creativity winnik or something stronger, behaved inadequately: he was crying, then laughing, then hung on the fence, then tried to get on stage. Had to step in to protect and to take him out.

New tour winnick promises in February 2020.

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