‘Flying was the passion of his life’: the pilot of the crashed helicopter Kobe Bryant was an Armenian

The helicopter, on Board of which was Kobe Bryant, was run by an American of Armenian origin Ara Saban. This writes the US51.

'Полеты были страстью его жизни': пилотом разбившегося вертолета Коби Брайанта был армянин

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Friends Sobana talk about it in social networks as a person who has taught many novice pilots.

The basketball player helicopter crashed 30 miles (48 km) from Los Angeles. In addition to Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter onboard there were seven persons. According to TV channel WFAA, the pilot was able to prevent the loss of life on the earth. According to available data, Ara Saban at the last moment managed to steer the falling chopper from the residential suburbs of Los Angeles.

The main cause of the accident could be thick fog, media reported, citing police.

“The weather situation did not meet the minimum standard for flight. The fog was such that our helicopters are not flying”, — said the representative of the police Department of Los Angeles, Josh Rubenstein.

In the database certification of pilots Federal aviation administration (FAA) Soban marked as a certified pilot, licensed commercial pilot in 2007, writes The Sun.

He is also a certified flight instructor training for pilots of helicopters.

Also the 50-year-old Oban had the right to fly in low visibility conditions. As of July 2019 8 he had 200 hours of flight time.

Saban first decided to become a pilot in 1998, after a review tour of the Grand Canyon and “immediately realized that he wanted to become a pilot,” writes ABC News.

“He worked hard in other companies, to save enough money to pay for tuition. Flying was a passion of his life,” said the pilot at Group 3 Aviation.

In the words of Ian Gregor, the Federal aviation administration in California, until Sunday crash a pilot and flying instructor, there were no accidents. Saban received his first private pilot license 21 Jan 2001, and his commercial pilot license — 3 December 2007, writes the Daily Beast.

But long before that he learned to fly in a Group 3 Aviation, private flight school in van NUYS (CA). According to the President of the school Claudia Lowry, Saban came in a small Academy in 1998 and quickly became part of their community. “Here Ara learned to fly, she said. Here Ara worked. We know him since 1998. Not only is he a dear friend to us, but family.”

Learning to fly, Saban worked as flight instructor. One of his students, Darren Kemp, told the newspaper that Saban some time worked as personal pilot of Bryant. “Bryant won’t allow anyone to fly with him, in addition to the Ara,” said Kemp. Kemp and Saban were close, the student remembered how his teacher helped him through a difficult divorce.

Saban later got a job as a pilot at Island Express Holding Corporation, a family-run Charter company for helicopters, which signed a contract with Catalina island on local trips and was listed as the owner of the helicopter. By the time of the accident the helicopter, Sikorsky S-76B, was about 30 years old. For several years he was in the possession of the Illinois, after which was sold to Island Express in 2015.

In recordings of conversations with air traffic controllers Sobana published, you can hear the pilot activates the so-called “Special visual flight rules”, which means air traffic controllers can help him discover what he sees.

“If you listen to the audio recording, said the pilot. — I need you tracked me because I’m in a bad conditions.”

Jared Joachim, the pilot, who said he worked as a contractor for Chevron in Angola and knew Sabana for 12 years, said that it was important to give Federal officials time to investigate before drawing conclusions about his friend.

“I guarantee you that any flight that Ara was doing was completely safe. He is a follower of the rules and knows all the law,” he said.

The plane Sabana fell to the ground approximately at 09:47 local time. According to authorities, a full excavation of the wreck will take around 8 days.

“I love all Armenians!, — wrote in Facebook Maria Dikovic. — I met Ara many years ago. It’s such a big loss. Ara was full of kindness. Rest in peace, Sarah. God bless all who died”

Another pilot Jared Joachim paid tribute to his friend through the post in Facebook, Asbarez writes.

“Ara was an incredible pilot, flight instructor, Charter pilot and a really great person. He was a typical selfish a helicopter pilot, as, frankly, most of us — wrote Joachim. Sara was a man who always remained calm and collected. To the extent that, as more and more people who know Aru, I’ll write about it, you will hear only words like “professional” and “loving”. It always amused”.

“Working in the aviation business has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people and pilots. Ara was definitely one of them. Always so sweet, talkative and attentive when it comes to Kobe and his family. My heart is broken,” wrote one pilot on Twitter.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • 26 Jan former basketball player “Los Angeles Lakers” Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash near Los Angeles. Along with him were killed his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and another seven people aboard.