Fondue and raclette at the same table

Fondue and raclette at the same table


Gather fondue enthusiasts and raclette enthusiasts around the same table, by placing one of these 2-in-1 sets in the middle, promising a whole feast for eight gourmands. 

Personalised cooking

Whether in the eight fondue pots, on the non-stick cast iron grill, in the pot stock or on the circular granite slab (under the fondue pot), this Total Chef set offers multiple ways to customize the cooking of a meal. Gratinated cheeses, grilled meats, boiled potatoes, sautéed vegetables… Make way for variety! > $118.98 

Complete Meal

Equipped with a 1.35 liter fondue pot suitable for cheese, chocolate or Chinese fondue, combined with a grill and a hot stone, this Befano appliance allows you to cook a complete meal, from starter to dessert. When the high power is reached after 10 minutes of preheating, everything becomes possible. And don't be shy about experimenting, because then the accessories will go in the dishwasher. > $154.54 

Culinary Creations

Meat, seafood and vegetables cooked in a succulent broth of your own or grilled on the grooved plate, then covered with cheese that will gratinate or melt under the heating element… That's what the Salton raclette and fondue set. These three operations inevitably lead to succulent culinary creations, all made on a single device. > 164.99 $

Fondue and raclette duo

Fondue or raclette? The question no longer arises on cool autumn evenings with the smokeless electric Food Party Grill and its hot pan. Although the two-compartment fondue pot and surrounding grill can be used individually, they satisfy all appetites when they work together. Whether at brunch or dinner time, creating Asian delights or classic family recipes, this device pushes the limits of imagination and multiplies flavors.

amazon. ca > $169.99 

Festive Evening

Being able to savor a raclette and a fondue at the same time is the promise of a gourmet and festive evening! With this Trudeau set featuring two thermostats for adjusting the temperature of the raclette (grooved non-stick steel plate and eight pans) and the fondue pot (2 L) separately, cooking promises to be just as perfect. To use the raclette stove only, simply add the supplied stainless steel cap where the fondue pot is usually inserted.< /strong> > $179.99