Food and medicines: 10 options dangerous combinations

In the composition of the products can include substances that affect the effectiveness of drugs — strengthen or weaken them. Thus, even healthy food can be dangerous for a person who is undergoing treatment.

Продукты и лекарства: 10 вариантов опасных сочетаний

Milk and dairy products. They reduce the effectiveness of some antibiotics, particularly tetracycline group. In addition, careful to drink milk have people who take bifosfonatami cure for osteoporosis: between taking these drugs and consumption of milk should be not less than two to three hours.

Green tea. Those who take beta-blockers should avoid green tea, despite its usefulness and antioxidant properties: the active ingredients in the plant hinder the work of highly effective medicines. Ideally, between drinking tea and taking pills beta-blockers should be not less than four hours.

Caffeine. The caffeine in Cola, coffee and black tea can also enter into a dangerous interaction with certain medications. These include antibiotics from the group of inhibitors of gyrase, as well as asthma medicines and bronchitis which contain the active ingredient theophylline. Antibiotics increase the effect of caffeine that can cause tachycardia and tremor. As for the drugs for respiratory tract, they can give too strong an effect.

Foods rich in protein. Seafood, cheese, Turkey, beans: protein is well nourishes and helps to lose weight. But there are downsides: those who are taking certain antidepressants (monoamine oxidase inhibitors), the risk at the same blood pressure, which can rise to dangerously high levels. This effect is due to the effect of the substance tyramine, which is present in the protein products.

Sausage, walnuts, red wine and red berries. These products are also rich in tiramina.

The whole grain foods. Food rich in fiber, slows the absorption of active ingredients in the intestine. Particularly strong “suffer” drugs that reduce cholesterol, and painkillers – these should be taken at least two hours after meals with plenty of fiber.

Grapefruit juice. AIDS sleep, asthma, anti-allergic drugs and some hormonal drugs have an unintended effect by interacting with grapefruit juice. Additionally, grapefruit juice is not compatible with medications that normalize blood pressure and balance blood lipids: it greatly increases the effect of drugs, leading to dizziness and poor circulation.

Garlic. This vegetable has anticoagulant effect when taking anticoagulant medications can cause bleeding.

Vegetables rich in vitamin K. Green vegetables — peas, beans, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli (all types of cabbage rich in vitamin K) should be used with caution if the person is taking blood-thinning drugs. Vitamin K acts as their antagonist.

Alcohol. It can increase the effects of many drugs — antibiotics, antidepressants, sedatives, drugs for epilepsy. Under the action of mixing them with alcohol possible collapse of blood circulation. The mix of alcohol and painkillers is having a devastating effect on the liver.