Food delivery to USA: hidden costs can be a blow to your wallet

Last time ordering food through the Internet is becoming more popular. But it is worth remembering that some popular platforms for online food ordering there is a hidden cost. All these hidden costs can be a significant blow to your wallet, writes Fox Business.

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Founder EatingNYC Alex Matthews during a speech on the FOX Business program “Morning with Mary” made a calculation of the costs associated with Postmates, DoorDash and Uber Eats.

According to Matthews, when ordering food at Uber Eats, consumers can pay up to 20% more.

“First you will see the shipping cost but then they try to add to the cost of the remaining margins, which usually account for about 15% of the cost of food,” she explained.

According to the prices in four U.S. cities, Postmates has become the most expensive service online food order. Partners have way more than others.

“Those who is not a partner Postmates, usually ask for delivery of $8 or $9,” said Matthews.

She noted that when you order one medium big Mac menu at Postmates once a week for a year you will spend up to $1000. This is equivalent to flying first class domestic flight or a nine-day trip to Disneyland.

Matthews said DoorDash can not clearly explain, for what charge additional fees, so “you really don’t know where your money”.

Despite the fact that money literally goes nowhere, the demand for rapid delivery remains high, and consumers are willing to go the extra expenditure, says Matthews.

“To order food through apps expensive because they involved many different parties, she said. — Now, in addition to in-app payment, which already includes many additional charge, you also need to pay the courier for delivery”.

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