Food ingredients that cause appetite

Scientists from the University of Kansas (USA) studied the properties of products with artificially enhanced taste and figured out why they call literally appetite. They proposed to allocate these products as a separate group and call them giperatidnye.

Ингредиенты пищи, которые вызывают зверский аппетит

Manufacturers add to their products ingredients that improve its taste. They spend huge sums on creating the recipes of the food that causes the person dependence and encourage to eat more than you need. And then people are losing their health.

— Food companies have very well designed formula for these types of products to make them tasty and significantly increase consumption, experts say.

So, for hyperaridity should include products with unique combination of fat, carbohydrates, sugar and sodium, subjected to special treatment.

Scientists distributed giperatidnye products in three categories of combinations: fat and sodium (hot dogs, bacon); fat and simple sugars (cakes, ice creams); sugars and sodium (cheese and crackers, chips and popcorn).

Researchers found that 62 percent of foods in the database for foods and nutrients (FNDDS) of the Ministry of agriculture of the USA met the criteria for at least one of three categories.

70 per cent were high in fat and sodium. This category consists of meat and eggs, products of milk-based and cheese sauces. 25 percent — with a high content of fat and sugar, and 16 percent with a high content of carbohydrates and sodium. When some products came in two or three categories.

Surprisingly, among the products referred to hyperaridity, 49 percent were labeled as low calorie.