Food packaging is dangerous to human health

Chemicals contained in food packaging, can penetrate into the body of pregnant women and affect fetal brain. The consequence of this impact can be intellectual problems that manifest years later.

Пищевые упаковки опасны для человеческого здоровья

About the dangers of substances from food packaging was reported by scientists from the Medical school Ikhana to mount Sinai (USA) and the University of Karlstad (Sweden). Their study, reported in a press release on EurekAlert!.

In this scientific project took part 718 women who were in the first trimester of pregnancy. in Samples of their blood and urine were analyzed by experts on the subject of chemicals. In particular, researchers were interested in the possible presence in samples of bisphenol-A, pesticides, phthalates.

Born then children the researchers tracked the development of intellectual abilities. As a result, they found a correlation in women for which analyses of pregnancy showed a high content of chemicals in the body, children under 7 years of age often showed lowered IQ (the lowest rates available with different boys).

The negative impact on brain development and intelligence of the children had BPA, stated the authors. In food and in humans it comes from plastic utensils, containers, bottles, cling film.