Food prices in the U.S. continue to grow: it has risen in price for the last month

Prices for food continue to grow during a pandemic because of the persistence and even increased demand for this product group, writes CNN.

Цены на продукты в США продолжают расти: что подорожало за последний месяц

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In the last few months, the regime of isolation and closures have prompted a growing number of people to eat at home. As a result, the cost of food for food at home rose in June by 0.7% compared with the previous month, according to seasonally adjusted data the Bureau of labor statistics.

Despite the fact that the growth rate has declined slightly (in may it stood at 1% compared to April), the prices of some food products fluctuated during this time quite sharply. Here are some foods become more expensive or cheaper in June.

Products that are more expensive

Meat prices rose again.

In General, prices for beef and veal rose by 4.8%. Pork prices were higher by 3.3% and bacon has risen by 8.1%. The price of hot dogs rose 4.9%.

Frozen fish and seafood rose by 1%.

Americans also paid more for sweets. Cakes, cupcakes and cookies rose 1.8%. Fresh cakes and cupcakes prices rose 3.5%. The price of fresh doughnuts grew by 1.8%.

The cost of flour increased by 2.1%. Snacks rose by 2.1%, while prices for carbonated beverages rose 2.2%.

Coffee also rose by 1.8%. Prices for cereal rose 1.1% and fresh vegetables and fruits are 1.3% more expensive.

That fell

Some products were worth less.

The cost of eggs and dairy products in June decreased. Egg prices fell by 2.7%. Butter fell by 1.7% and milk prices decreased by 0.6%.

Apples fell by 2.1%.

Although the cost of the desserts grew, prices of sugar and its substitutes fell 1.3%.

No change

Some of the prices have remained at the same level.

In poultry prices remain relatively stable with a slight increase of 0.1%.

Rice and cheese became cheaper slightly — by 0.2%.



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