Food, which can spoil the mood

What we drink and eat can affect different processes in the body. Sometimes a meal can actually be upset and it’s not in the taste.

Еда, которая может испортить настроение

Contrary to popular belief, sweetness is not uplifting. Rather, raise, but for a very short period of time. And then the level of glucose as abruptly as it had risen, falls down and replaced joy comes fatigue and irritability.

About the same sensation causes an excess of salty food. Due to the large amount of salt we feel a short burst of energy due to the increase in pressure. But then the salt begins to withdraw fluid, all body processes slow down and starts sulking.

To spoil the mood can fatty foods. To digest it, the body needs a lot of energy. Therefore, fatigue and drowsiness will not keep you waiting. To reduce this effect, fatty meals you can snack on fresh vegetables.

If you plan to be active and alert, do not get involved with sausages and smoked meats. Such food contains much salt, and, in addition, other additives with sodium. The result is about the same as when eating large amounts of salty foods, as well as added effects associated with hard to digest food. These products can be replaced with fish or boiled meat sandwich will be equally delicious and much more useful.