Foodbank in the United States: where and how to get free food during a pandemic

Foodbank (Bank of food) is a charitable organization that collects food from producers and suppliers and transfer them to the needy.

Фудбанки в США: где и как можно получить бесплатную еду во время пандемии

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Foodbank receives food products, including those the validity of which are close to expiration, packages them with the help of volunteers and delivers to needy people. While a strict system of quality control of products.

Foodbank not directly involved in the food drive. This makes the network of collaborating organizations, including local charities and social enterprises that have established direct contact with the needy. To cover the costs of logistics and the subsequent sorting of the collected products are conducted campaigns to collect monetary donations from individuals and organizations.

How does one of the largest food banks in the United States during the epidemic

Tens of millions of Americans reduce their movements and communication because of the quarantine. Meanwhile, charitable organizations that distribute food to the poor, continue their work, because many people who at this time was left without a job (and sometimes without means of livelihood) as never need help. Here’s what happens behind the scenes of one of the biggest foodbank in the United States, which is located in Los Angeles, California.

Regional foodbank Los Angeles — a charitable organization that brings together hundreds of smaller organizations. All of them provide food to poor people. Even from 2019 foodbank barely keep up with the request for help due to the fact that the city’s large number of homeless and very high prices for rental housing. Now, during a pandemic, the problem of providing people with food rose very sharply.

“We had this in January and February, but now due to the large demand for help, as if we were in another world,” says Michael Flod, representative foodbank Los Angeles.

The economic crisis caused by a coronavirus, was forced to expand the supply of food. Every week, a growing number of deliveries.

According to Michael Floda “was in need of 700 families, then 800, then 950”.

Most of those who asked for help are people who have lost their jobs, or those who can still work, but by the decree of governors and mayors are forced to stay at home.

Foodbank in different States as they can help each other. However, in some States, a charitable organization that delivers food, still closed along with a lot of other companies.

“Basically, they closed because their leaders — the elderly, who were forced to go into quarantine. Now the remaining foodbank try to cover these regions.” says Soini Villareal, the representative of the network of charity organizations, Feeding America.

The only thing that worsens the situation with food is a significant decrease in charitable contributions. To cover the shortage, foodbank buy food in stores.

How to find your nearest foodbank

On the website Feeding America, and Food Pantries is a search engine that will help you to find the nearest organization that provides food to the needy. On the website Сharity navigator you can make a donation at any foodbank and get acquainted with their data.

The list of the largest foodbanks in some States:


  1. Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County
  2. Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank
  3. The Redwood Empire Food Bank
  4. Second Harvest of Silicon Valley
  5. Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
  6. The Foodbank of Southern California
  7. FOOD Share
  8. Food for People
  9. California Emergency Foodlink
  10. Food Finders
  11. Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano
  12. Alameda County Community Food Bank
  13. Feeding San Diego
  14. Second Harvest Food Bank Santa Cruz County


  1. Food Bank of Central New York
  2. Food Bank of Western New York, Inc
  3. Long Island Cares
  4. Foodlink


  1. All Faiths Food Bank
  2. Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida
  3. Treasure Coast Food Bank
  4. America’s Second Harvest of the Big Bend
  5. Feeding South Florida
  6. Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
  7. Feeding Tampa Bay


  1. Table to Table
  2. Interfaith Food Pantry
  3. Fulfill
  4. Nourish.NJ


  1. Midwest Food Bank, NFP
  2. Loaves & Fishes Community Services
  3. Greater Chicago Food Depository
  4. Central Illinois Foodbank
  5. Eastern Illinois Foodbank



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