Foods that trigger inflammation

Experts have listed the products that can run in the body inflammatory processes.

Продукты, которые запускают воспалительные процессы

The most dangerous products experts believe sweets industrial production and products made with white refined flour. Their use dramatically increases the level of glucose in the blood, and can also provoke a chronic inflammatory response.

According to experts, chronic inflammation damages the cells and can provoke cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. Instead of white bread and cheap pasta it is better to purchase grains — whole wheat and barley.

Among the products that trigger the inflammatory process, allocate the food that is prepared in oil, as well as soft drinks sugar containing the preservative sodium benzoate. This includes processed foods (sausages and cured meats) and alcohol.

Excess alcohol can cause changes in the lining of the intestine. This leads to the fact that bacteria enter the bloodstream, triggering an inflammatory response.

A number of scientists noted that chronic systemic inflammatory processes underlie aging and lead to the development of chronic diseases, including cancer. Among other things, this constant activation of the immune system that in the long run leads to the failure of its work.

One manifestation of this failure is the loss of the ability of the immune system to recognize tissue and to distinguish them from others and, as a result, the attack on its own tissues — that is, the development of autoimmune diseases, which are increasing in number in developed countries with rapid speed.