Football agent on trial accused Ferguson in the contract match

Футбольный агент на судебном заседании обвинил Фергюсона в договорном матче

Giuseppe Polara

In England the ongoing trial in the case of football, the 64-year-old’s agent Giuseppe Polara accused of corruption.

In particular, Pallara on one of the trial Southwark Crown Court said that the former head coach of “Manchester United” sir Alex Ferguson received his gift, in the form of a gold watch for match-fixing in the Champions League, reports the Mirror.

According to the investigation, Palara in 2016, met with the journalist, working undercover who was posing as a businesswoman. He told about his collusion with Ferguson and the organization of the Treaty of CL match between “Juventus” and “Manchester United”, for which the agent gave sir Alex a Rolex watch is worth 30 thousand pounds.

It does not specify in what year it is held fixed between Manchester United and Juventus.

According to the agent, this was not the first occasion when he had to pay Ferguson, who among other things had a share from transfer deals.