Football player AFC Ajax in the UEFA Europa League match parodied the rival who rode across the field from the agony (video)

Футболист "Аякса" в матче Лиги Европы спародировал соперника, который катался по полю от адской боли (видео)

Ryan Babel (right)

On the eve of the Spanish Getafe on the smallest capacity stadium of all the participants of the playoffs of the Europa League – “Coliseo Alfonso pérez” in the presence of 18 thousand spectators beat Ajax in the 1/16 finals – 2:0.

At the beginning of the second half, there was a curious episode.

33-year-old striker features Ryan Babel, who in the winter for the second time returned to the Amsterdam team, joined in the middle of the field in contact with dimensional Allan-Romeo a Nom.

As a result, a 32-year-old Cameroonian fell to the turf and began to writhe in pain.

In turn, Babel felt that the opponent is clearly faking and decided to demonstrate that he can also fake an injury no worse than the Nom – has fallen on the lawn and began to skate across the field. In addition, Babel also imitated lameness of the Cameroonian.

In the end, the referee from France Ruddy Bük awarded Ryan a yellow card. But it is not clear for the theatre received a warning or Babel for game episode. After the match, Babel commented mocking parody of the player of Getafe.

“I don’t know if I will repeat such ever again. It happened in the heat of the moment. The guy used to drive me mad. Getafe has not impressed me. I think I got a yellow card because the opponent is much spruced it up” – quoted by Dutch Daily Star.