Football team, “red Star” are not allowed to enter Kosovo on match of Serbian Cup (video)

Футбольную команду "Црвены Звезды" не пропустили в Косово на матч Кубка Сербии (видео)

On the eve of the Kosovo authorities did not let the players of “red Star” on the territory of the state for the match 1/16 finals of the Cup of Serbia against “Traci,” according to

The match was to be held in Zitkovac on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, but was postponed to today and will be played in Serbia in Stara Pazova, the newspaper notes.

The Republic of Kosovo is a partially recognized state.

However, according to the Constitution of Serbia, Kosovo is part of Serbia and part of it as the Autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija, but in fact Kosovo by authorities of Serbia are not controlled.

In turn, the Northern part of Kosovo populated mainly by Serbs, are not subject to the authorities in Pristina.