For 12 years, the owner of London “Arsenal” not put a penny, English – media

За 12 лет хозяин лондонского "Арсенала" не вложил в клуб ни пенни, - английские СМИ

Stan Kroenke

Since 2007, when Stan Kroenke bought his first shares “the Arsenal”, the American businessman has not invested a penny in a London club, says Football.London.

Began gradually buying up shares of the club from the Emirates, with time Kroenke has at its disposal a controlling stake, and in 2018 after Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov sold his shares in Arsenal over 550 million pounds, became the sole private club North of London.

In fact, when Kroenke Arsenal ceased to be a public company. Its share in the club lost and the Union of fans, and together with the shares and the right to participate in shareholders ‘ meeting.

According to the publication, available from the season 2017/18 financial information and previous public financial records of the club indicate that in all that time Kroenke not invested a single penny into the club – either as a cash injection, or even just loan, as did the family of the glazers in “Manchester United” or Roman Abramovich at Chelsea.

When Kroenke – and thanks to the skillful management of the ex-mentor “gunners” Arsene Wenger – Arsenal was transferred to the model of the self.

For several years, Arsenal could spend as much as earn.

For comparison, since acquiring Manchester city in 2008, Sheikh Mansour has invested in the bulls about 1 billion pounds.

Note that for Kronke Arsenal only one of the many sporting assets. In the U.S., he owns the basketball team the Denver Nuggets, as well as club football Los Angeles Rams.