For 2021 in Ukraine prepare tax Amnesty

На 2021 год в Украине готовят налоговую амнистию

Tax Amnesty will not involve compulsory universal Declaration of incomes for citizens

Declared the income, assets and property will be exempt from liability under tax Evasion.

Tax Amnesty in Ukraine is scheduled for 2021 About this informed the head of Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, the head of Verhove Committee of Parliament on Finance, tax and customs policy Daniel Getmantsev in an interview with the League, published on Monday, June 6.

According to him, the Committee, office of the President and Cabinet agreed on the concept of tax Amnesty with the International monetary Fund.

“The concept agreed upon. Wait, when the President will make the Verkhovna Rada a bill,” said Getmantsev.

He said that tax Amnesty will provide a zero voluntary Declaration of property, assets and revenues that were received without paying taxes.

At the same declared income, assets and property will be exempt from liability under tax Evasion (article 212 and 212-1 of the criminal code.

According to Getmanceva, we are not talking about corrupt officials, the Amnesty does not apply to bribes — this Declaration cannot be used as evidence in any trial or investigation.

Total bet for the declared income will be 5% for the money in a Bank account for money and assets placed abroad – 9%.

“If we are talking about cash in Ukraine, it is 18%. 2,5% — give to those who want to invest money in government bonds, will be a special issue of the Ministry of Finance. 0% for corporate rights, regardless of where they are, abroad or here,” said Getmantsev.

He also said that deputies have not yet considered the issue of compulsory Declaration of income of all citizens.

“In the longer term, that is, it’s not about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Personally I’m an advocate of the universal Declaration and we will come to it, sooner or later,” — said the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, tax and customs policy.

As reported, on June 11, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal reported that the introduction of zero or a single Declaration in the country planned for this year.