For a period of quarantine changed the order of payments for housing and communal services

To reduce the financial burden on Ukrainians and business, the Parliament adopted the Law of Ukraine “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine…”, which goes into effect March 18. And now with the utilities you can not rush.

На период карантина изменен порядок выплат за услуги ЖКХ

About this on air of the program “Right to rule” 1+1 said the Minister of social policy Marina Lazebnaya — reports Hvilya..

We are talking about those who cannot pay for communal online and forced to go to the Bank. Most of them retired, who monthly late pay utility bills to avoid losing their benefits.

“If you have debt, no one will take away retirees a subsidy. Been approved already. Moreover, there will be no fines, no penalties. I beg you not to walk people to the banks and create the queue. Protect and take care of yourself. Do not run to paying utilities,” he urged people Lazebnaya.

She also asked relatives, friends and neighbours of elderly people to help them with the payment of communal online.

In addition, the Minister reminded that from 1 April all pensioners who have payments less than 5 thousand UAH, will pay an additional one-time assistance of 1 thousand hryvnias.

“This decision was made primarily to protect the pensioners who are most at risk group to get sick and die from coronavirus Covid-2019. The mortality rate for people between 60 and 3.5% from 70 is 8% and for people over 80 the death rate is 15%,” — said the Minister.

Lazebnaya also confirmed that the Ministry is working to increase social standards for which they pay our subsidiary and beneficiaries.
The solution is prepared by the Ministry of economy, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of justice. Compensation may to a certain category of people, or even all Ukrainians.

“Time is one day. We have no other terms. We understand that people stay at home and they will be even more difficult to pay utility bills, if the subsidies will not cover their costs,” said Lazebnaya.

Once this decision is taken at the Cabinet meeting, the Minister immediately “go out there and tell people about it”.