For losing weight exercise need before Breakfast

The researchers found that doing sports before the first meal men burn double amounts of fat, compared to those who choose to practice another time. So, a morning workout is the most effective for weight loss.

Ради похудения заниматься спортом нужно до завтрака

Useful information for all fitness enthusiasts. The study by researchers from the universities of Bath and Birmingham has shown that training before Breakfast is much more useful in the fight against excess weight. In addition, they also help to control the sugar level in the blood. Thus, the representatives of the stronger sex, which went for a workout before Breakfast, later burned in two times more fat than those who chose to workout any other time. Therefore, the change in the time of training can cause positive changes for health in General.

Lasted 6 weeks, the study included 30 men who had overweight or obesity. They were divided into two groups, the first exercise was performed before Breakfast and the second after. It was in the first group showed the outstanding results in burning fat. Scientists believe that this is due to low insulin levels during exercises on an empty stomach. Therefore, for energy during physical activity more people use the fat from fat tissues and not the fat in the muscles.

Although in the fight with excess fat under the skin, as shown by experiments, training early in the morning did not give great results, they still had a significant positive impact on overall health. The body more responsive to insulin and keep blood sugar levels under control, which reduced the risk of heart disease and diabetes.