For lovers of adrenaline: the 9 most extreme theme parks in the world

Adrenaline is one of the most powerful hormones in the human and in his quest, people sometimes do reckless things. Edition Trip My Dream told about safe, but it is very disturbing how to charge an indescribable emotion and adrenaline rush – about the “scary” rides at amusement parks around the world.

Для любителей адреналина: 9 самых экстремальных парков аттракционов в мире

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Steel Curtain in the Park Kennywood, PA

It’s a roller coaster with a height of 67 meters and a length of over 1200 meters. Passengers hurtle at speeds of more than 72 km / h 9 overcoming the dead loops in just 2 minutes.

The entrance to the Park for this attraction will cost adult from $18,5.

Dive Devil at Six Flags, California

This ride is a real horror for all who are afraid of heights, because you have to jump with a rope from the tower with a height of just over 46 meters. You can even fly together with a friend from a height of 15 floors at speeds of almost 100 km / h.

And this is not the only breathtaking attraction in the Park.

One-day Park ticket will cost $67,99 for an adult.

Tidal Twister at SeaWorld, San Diego

This unusual attraction consists of 8-shaped railway with a length of 91 meters, which the towards each other moving the two met Kara and diverge on different sides of a single path. Short, but very memorable experience in the life of any human venture.

The price of admission to the Park for an adult is $91,99.

Europa Park, Rust

Located Germany amusement Park may initially seem “childish”, but it is only at first glance.

Fjord Rafting – water attraction in “Scandinavia”, which at first seems very unimpressive, until your raft will not face with the first wave. The trip ends with the passage of the misty grotto with water rapids – an exciting spectacle and disturbing experience.

Wodan – a huge wooden roller coaster with a height of 40 meters. Visitors travelling at the speed of 100 km / h on the route that crosses 2 other ride in the Park for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The ride will not leave indifferent any fan of extreme sensations.

Silver Star is probably the most extreme ride in Europe Park. Height of 73 meters and a speed of the movement of the train is 130 km / h guarantee a temporary overload in 4G and sensation of flight for each wave.

The price of admission for adults (12+) in the winter – 47 euros ($52), and in the summer – 55 euros ($60).

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

The second oldest amusement Park in the world located in the capital of Denmark, is always perceived as a children entertainment Park, but, in truth, an adult will have something to ride.

Demon – ride with three loops and a maximum height of 28 metres. This is a good start for those who are just beginning familiarity with back-chilling experiences.

Golden Tower is a great way to experience the feeling of free fall. Besides, with towers 63 meters offers stunning views of Copenhagen.

The entrance ticket to the Park for an adult (8+) is 133 Danish kroner (about 18 euros, $20).

Port Aventura, Tarragona

This Spanish, or rather Catalan, the amusement Park of Port Aventura family World one of the most famous European theme parks, and the second most popular after the French Disneyland. Here are 6 of the 10 so-called “black” theme in Europe.

Hurakan Condor to be part of “Mexico” and is a hundred meter high tower. Lifting slowly back up to the steel post and admiring the wonderful view, you forget that literally a few seconds will quickly fly down, not knowing at what point to the ground construction to stop. The thrill of free falling from height of bird’s flight you will remember for a lifetime.

Dragon Khan is perhaps the most dangerous roller coaster in the Old world. Eight dead loops flew for 69 seconds at a speed of 110 km / h. Suggest to ride this attraction on an empty stomach. Be Dragon Kahn in “China”, but you can see it from the entrance of the PortAventura Park complex.

Furius Baco works on the principle of horizontal catapult. Moving along an unpredictable trajectory, accelerating to 130 km / h in 3 seconds passengers fly the entire route is 850 meters in less than a minute, and typed impressions for years to come. Is attraction in the beginning of the Park.

The price of admission for an adult is 50 euros ($55) if you buy through the website – 48 euros ($53).

Dream World Park (Dream World Park), Thailand

Tornado is a huge rotating design. This can be found even in our small carnivals, but the Tornado Thai Dream World Park is flying at a speed of 75 km / hour, passing 7 different tiers of height.

Haunted Mansion is the next level of rooms of fear. After visiting you are sure you hair will stand on end.

Adult tickets from 1125 to Thai baht (approximately 34 euros, $37).

Park Fujiku Highland, Japan

Located at the foot of the sacred Japanese mount Fuji, the Park offers visitors not only amazing emotions, but also the gorgeous views of the nature of this heavenly place.

Dododonpa one of the most dangerous roller coaster in the world. Accelerating to 180 km / h for of 1.56 seconds, you’ll be flying loops with a diameter of about 40 meters at a height of 49 meters above the ground. These slides ask the greatest acceleration and have the biggest loops in the world.

Takabisha is another roller coaster that is known for its drop angle is 121 degrees. Besides, passengers are driven at a speed exceeding 100 km / h achieved in less than 2 seconds. Rumor has it that this attraction is most of the cries of not only the Park but also in the world.

Tenteco My is the spinning wheel in the tower with the maximum point of recovery at 32 meters and a speed of 40 km / h. The Park staff are asked not to visit the attraction if you’ve recently eaten.

In the Park you expect the Red Tower with a height of 52 meters (you can experience the sensation of free fall), Panic the Clock is 18 meters in diameter which revolve at speeds of 50 km / h on an unpredictable trajectory, Tekkotsubanchou rotating the carousel at a height of 59 meters and a speed of over 50 km / h and mnooogo more, no less impressive.

Entrance to the Park is free, but tickets for rides cost from 800 young (about 7 euros, $8) up to 2000 young (about 17 euros, $19). Not to stand in the queue, the Park offers to buy all the tickets on their website.

Aquaedulcis, UAE (Dubai)

The Aqua Park at the Atlantis hotel, but it does not prevent residents of other complexes to visit him.

Leap of Faith is a waterslide that will impress even the most seasoned. Rapidly descending through a transparent and closed tube is 27.5 meters long, you finish a route through a huge pool with stingrays, sharks and other predatory fish.

Poseidon”s Revenge is a waterslide with a surprise with a length of 116 meters and a maximum speed of Catania 60 km / h with a steep loop.

Prices for day tickets for adults start from 313 dirhams (about 77 euros, $85).