For single taxpayers expanded norm by income

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine yesterday, March 30, expanded the norm income for single tax payers.

Для плательщиков единого налога расширена норма по доходу

This sends a Wave.

Thus, the deputies approved the bill on amendments to laws to provide additional social and economic guarantees in connection with the distribution of the coronavirus (No. 3275).

It should be noted that in the past could stay in the first group and pay only 210,2 UAH of a tax could only be physical persons-entrepreneurs (FLP, Ukr. – FOP), receiving up to 300 thousand UAH of annual income, according to the new rules – up to 1 million UAH (for group II income limit has expanded from 1.5 million UAH to 5 million UAH, and for the THIRD group – from UAH 5 million to 7 million UAH).

In addition, now every working Ukrainian has the right to offset a portion of income tax if he spent money on treatment, education or the mortgage. This year the list want to increase and to return part of the tax and those who have helped the medical institutions during the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

To be reimbursed for expenses that can total amount not more than the annual income. It can get and those citizens who have spent in the companies.

Moreover, the Rada adopted the law also permits employers to move to flexible by agreement between the employee and the owner of the company. It is emphasized that the use of flexible working time should not change regulation, labor and employment law.

It is also noted that employees when working remotely distributed working time, at its discretion, rules of internal labor regulations, unless otherwise provided in the employment contract, did not apply. In that case, if the employee during the period of forced quarantine does not work, he will have to pay 2/3 of the salary. At the same time, on the other hand, those who, because of quarantine partially lost wages may be entitled to compensation for partial unemployment. However, the statement in the social insurance Fund is submitted by the employer. He also pays assistance to the employee.

Besides, from the value added tax act exempt operations on import to the customs territory of goods (including medicines, medical devices and/or medical equipment) that are used to combat the spread of coronavirus infection and the treatment of patients.