For the first time in 17 years in the US want the death penalty

The U.S. government for the first time in 17 years will enforce the death penalty. The corresponding order was signed by attorney General William Barr. Will be executed four murderers who murdered children. Two of them were found guilty of rape. This writes Gazeta.Ru.

Впервые за 17 лет: в США устроят смертные казни

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Death sentences for four criminals convicted in Federal court, will enforce in the U.S. in mid-July and late August. The order gave U.S. attorney General William Barr.

“Four killer execution date which was set today, have gone through a full trial in accordance with our Constitution and laws,” — said the head of the U.S. Department of justice Barr.

According to the US attorney General, the authorities are obliged to execute the sentence for victims of terrible crimes and their families. The death of four criminals — the murderers, among whom two were also found guilty of statutory rape.

The Federal government of the United States in recent times resulted in the execution of the death sentence in 2003. Since then, acted in an unofficial moratorium was not consistent rules for the use of lethal injection. In this state, the death penalty is applied.

In August 2019, the US President Donald trump called for the return of the death penalty after the mass shootings in the cities of Dayton and El Paso. According to the American leader, capital punishment must return against those who committed mass murder hate.

“Our people should unanimously condemn racism, intolerance and the ideology of white supremacy. These evil ideologies need to be overcome. Hatred has no place in the USA,” said trump.

The tramp pointed to the role of the Internet in processes of radicalization of the U.S. population and called for an end to the “glorification of violence”, accusing in his propaganda computer games.

“Today, far too simple for frustrated youth to surround themselves with a culture that glorifies violence”, — said the President of the United States.

In April 2020, U.S. court of Appeals for the district of Columbia supported the administration of the trump in its requirement to execute criminals convicted at the Federal level.

U.S. attorney General William Barr was already ordered to renew the death penalty for Federal crimes a few months before that — but the decision was appealed in court.

Of the cases in the United States is considered by the judges at the state level, others at the Federal level, among them the case of terrorism and other serious crimes. At the state level to capital punishment in America sentenced about 2.5 thousand. criminals.

In the United States executed five different ways, in different States in different ways: by hanging, by electric chair, through shooting, suffocation in gas chambers, and by lethal injection. Since the beginning of 2000-ies the main method is lethal injection, however, sometimes used the electric chair. Thus in 23 States banned the death penalty — these include new York, new Jersey and the district of Columbia.

According to the NGO Death Penalty Information Center, death penalty costs us authorities in 1.5-4 times more expensive than other forms of punishment.

As told senior researcher of the Institute Ludwig von Mises mark Thornton, the execution of the death sentence in the United States costs millions of dollars.

“The death penalty is a huge burden on the budget, which is not each state to bear. For example, new Jersey at the time, refused to take such punishment. The authorities felt that every sentence cost them about $4 million cheaper to imprison criminals for life,” said he.

The reason for the high cost of the process lies in careful litigation. The fact that the courts have more serious approach to the procedure, more than one year to analyze the composition of the crime, collect the evidence and then pass judgment. Moreover, limitations in terms of consideration, so the process may be delayed by at least 20 years.

“Every death sentence relatives sentenced flooded with appeals. In the end of sentences 10 marks a maximum of 1-2 things, which only leads to the vast expenditure on legal proceedings, and the offender is still kept in the prison for life on a budget money”, — said the expert.

We will add that in the world for the fifth consecutive year the number of executions Iran leads: for 2018, the country’s authorities killed 253 people, including seven juvenile offenders. In second place is Saudi Arabia who was sentenced to death 149 convicts, closes the three leaders of Vietnam, where last year it was executed 85 death sentences.


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