For the first time in 5 years Ukraine broke the record for the import of gas

Впервые за 5 лет: Украина побила рекорд по импорту газа

In a press-service OHTSU said that Ukraine broke its own five-year record for the import of gas.

LLC “Operator GTS of Ukraine” since the beginning of the year, pretransitional by order of its clients 8,056 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which is a quarter more than in the same period last year and a record figure for the last 5 years. About it reports a press-service OHTSU.

“In particular, from Poland — 1,043 billion cubic meters from Russia — 4,605 billion cubic meters, from Hungary — 2,408 billion cu. m. 54% of the volumes imported to Ukraine via the virtual reverse, which became available with the start of 2020. Namely from Poland — 1.0 billion cubic meters, from Hungary — 1.3 billion cubic meters from Russia — 219 million cubic meters”, — stated in the message

Of imported volumes by 56%, or 4.5 billion cubic meters were sent to underground gas storage facilities for storage of the “customs warehouse”. Of these, 36% arrived in shorthaul mode.

“For the first half of July, the volume of imports amounted to 1,026 billion cubic meters, which is 21% (or 175 million cubic meters) more than the same period last year. This increase in imports is associated with a significant increase in demand from European companies storing gas in Ukrainian storage facilities in “customs warehouse”. Because of the occupancy of European repositories and attractive tariffs and services, this year Ukraine is breaking records for the injection of gas into underground storage facilities and makes an important step towards becoming a European gas hub construction”, — noted in OHTSU.

Ukrainian nitrogen exports exceeded imports by more than half

As of today, the blue fuel is supplied exclusively from European Union countries, Ukraine imports gas from the Russian Federation from November 2015.