For the first time in history: the American who defeated cancer 4 times, has swum the English channel without stopping. VIDEO

37-year-old American Sarah Thomas, who recently recovered from breast cancer, has swum the English channel 4 times without stopping. For the first time in history managed to do. About it writes BBC.

Впервые в истории: поборовшая рак американка 4 раза переплыла Ла-Манш без остановки. ВИДЕО

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The race she dedicated to everyone who is struggling with cancer and who managed to overcome the disease.

The participant of races on ultra-long distance Sarah Thomas started in the morning of Sunday, September 15, and completed the swim around 6:30 local time on Tuesday, September 17 — all in the water she spent 54 hours and 10 minutes. Due to the strong currents and tides — instead of the 80-mile race (130 km) Sarah Thomas overcame a 134 miles (215,65 km).

Previously, none of the swimmers have not swum the English channel four times in a row without stopping. Only four people were able to cross the English channel three times without stopping.

“I just can’t believe we did it,” said Sarah Thomas, sailed to Dover (UK).

“Every mile of the way was complicated in its own way. The last part — from the French coast to Dover — it was very hard. It seems it took forever, I was carried over ago,” said Sarah Thomas.

According to Thomas, it was most difficult to endure the trouble that had caused salt water: due to constant contact with salt water suffered oral mucosa.

“I was bitten in the face Medusa. And although it was not as cold as I thought, however, it was still pretty cool. My team did everything to help me keep up my strength,” said Sarah Thomas.

A new record was noted on the shore of Dover, champagne and chocolate. Sarah Thomas was unable to fully join the celebration: due to the extreme fatigue she was able to eat only a small piece of chocolate.

Said Sarah Thomas, after the race she hoped a good night’s sleep. “Now I feel very tired” she admitted.

Official observer Kevin Murphy called swim Sarah Thomas triumph.

“This is a triumph, she set the new boundaries of the limits of human endurance. It’s amazing and very inspiring. At the end of the swim we responded to everything very emotionally,” said Kevin Murphy.

British rower, multiple Olympic champion Matthew Clive Pinsent also expressed admiration for the swim Sarah Thomas. According to him, she demonstrated fantastic endurance.

British swimmer on ultra-long distance LP called Sarah Thomas “superhuman.” “Incredibly, amazingly, just Superman. As soon as we begin to think that you have reached the limits of human endurance, is someone who has set records,” wrote Lewis Pugh on Twitter.

On Saturday evening, September 14, the day before the race, she admitted that she is worried about the challenge that it has set for itself.

“I’ve been waiting for this race for over two years and I had to wage a difficult struggle to finally be here. If I’m 100%? No. But I will show the best result I am capable of now,” said Sarah Thomas on the eve of the race.

In 2018, Sarah Thomas was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“In October I found a lump in her breast. In November I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer. At this time last year I could not swim, and had no idea what I can do in the future,” said Sarah Thomas.

The race she dedicated to all who fight cancer and those who managed to overcome the disease.

“This is dedicated to you, who just started his journey of fighting the disease and those for whom the disease was in the past, and all those who are still struggling with it. You are all in my heart and I will swim for your health and future. We are stronger together, each and every one of us,” she wrote on Facebook before the race.

According to team member Thomas, swimming for her was one of the tools that helped to pass a difficult course of treatment.

Before her illness, Sarah Thomas was an accomplished swimmer on ultra-long distances. First swim in open water she made in 2007, and the English channel she first crossed in 2012, and then again crossed the Strait in 2016.

Mother athletes Becky Baxter admitted that although she had to accompany her daughter during various swims, this was the most frightening. According to Baxter, during the race Sarah started stomach pain, and the team was worried about the condition of the athletes.

During a swim Sarah Thomson haven’t eaten all of her meals consisted of isotonic, containing protein and caffeine.