For the first time in Ukrainian football clubs are having financial dispute over compensation for the coach

Впервые в украинском футболе между клубами возник финансовый спор по компенсации за главного тренера

Mr Maziar

The President of “Gornyak-Sport” Peter Capon argues that the formalities for the dismissal of former head coach Vladimir Maziar, and signed contract with FC Lviv, have not been met.

The Capon claims that Maziar is still the coach of Horishni Floodplains.

“Thousands of 400-500. UAH. Such a diamond we brought up: ambitious, as written by the General Director, the charismatic young. I think PFK lions have the money to for a coach to pay a small compensation,” – quoted interview of the President “Hirnyk-Sport” the program “Profootball”.