For the first time Russia defeated the home fans in an official match: video highlights from the games selection to…

Россия впервые разгромлена при родных болельщиках в официальном матче: видеообзоры игр отбора к...

Following the results of duels on Saturday, 16 November, were announced on 16 of the 24 teams that in the summer of 2020 will play in the final tournament of European football, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Spain, England, Czech Republic, France, Turkey, Finland and Sweden, to which were added the Netherlands, Germany, Croatia and Austria (recall that the lucky four will be determined in March 2020 following the results of duels in the playoffs of the League of Nations).

Group C

Northern Ireland — Netherlands — 0:0.

First qualifying round draw (before that it was one defeat and five wins) has provided the Dutch a pass in the final tournament of the European championship. However, Northern Ireland can still qualify for Euro via the play-offs of the League of Nations.

Germany — Belarus 4:0 (Ginter, 41, Goretzka, 49, Kroos, 55, 83). In the 75th minute of the Belarusian Stasevich missed a penalty.

Three-time Champions of Europe (the Germans had mined the “gold” in 1972, 1980 and 1996) will play in the final stage of the championship of the Old world record 13 times. Since 1972, Germany has consistently participated in the struggle for awards.

By the way, the defender of VfL Borussia Matthias Ginter laid the Foundation for the defeat of the Belarusians at home arena scored his first goal for Germany.

Position of commands: 1. Germany — 18 points (7 matches); 2. Netherlands — 16 (7); 3. Northern Ireland — 13 (7); 4. Belarus — 4 (8); 5. Estonia — 1 (7).

Group I

Cyprus — Scotland 1:2 (Efren, 47 Christy, 12, McGinn, 57).

Russia — Belgium — 1:4 (Djikia, 79 — T. Azar, 19, E. Azar, 33, 40, Lukaku, 72).

In the game in St. Petersburg rivals in advance to ensure their participation in the final tournament of the European championship, played first place in the group. To work around bronze medalist for the 2018 world Cup, the team of Stanislav Cherchesov had to beat the guests with the score 2:0. It did not happen.

Brothers Azar and the Grenadier Lukaku forced the Russians to repeat its own record. With a difference of three goals the team of the aggressor country in its history had previously lost at home only once — in March of 2018 during a friendly match against Brazil (0:3). Moreover, in official matches, Russia defeated on their home fans for the first time in history.

By the way, during the match there was an incident. 28-year-old Belgians of Boyat, announced at the game number four came in the second half in a t-shirt… forward Batchwise with the number 23 on the back. Fortunately, the staff of the national team of Belgium drew attention to the error, after 16 minutes, the player gave away his shirt.

Россия впервые разгромлена при родных болельщиках в официальном матче: видеообзоры игр отбора к...

As is customary over the curb, from each g*MNA can and should dazzle the bullet. Russian national team on Rugby football has already promised revenge on the team of Belgium for the victory over the football team of Russia. “You do not worry, we in February, the game with Belgium, it is our turn to take revenge”, — stated in the message of the Rugby team on Twitter at the news of the fourth goal of the Belgians. And as argument: the last time football team avenged their compatriots by defeating the national team of Scotland — 4:0 after the defeat of the Russian Rugby players with a score of 0:61. Ice can remember or hockey — where the Belgians definitely no chance.

For reference. Football team of Belgium for the tour to finish with 34 goals — the most successful team in the UEFA Euro 2020 (in England and 33 goals).

San Marino — Kazakhstan — 1:3 (Berardi, 77 — Zaynutdinov, 6, Suyumbaev, 22, Shchetkin, 26).

The team San Marino, who failed to score in the UEFA Euro 2020 no points, little joy. In the game against Kazakh team tiny state scored the first goal in official matches since September 2017, when in the qualifying match “upset” Azerbaijan (1:5).

Position of commands: 1. Belgium — 27 (9); 2. Russia — 21 (9); 3. Scotland — 12 (9); 4. Cyprus — 10 (9); 5. Kazakhstan — 10 (9); 6. San Marino — 0 (9).

Group E

Azerbaijan — The Wales — 0:2 (Moore, 10, Wilson, 34).

Croatia — Slovakia — 3:1 (Of Vlašić, 56, Petkovic, 60, Perisic, 70 — Bojanic, 32). On 66 minutes, deleted the Slovak Mac.

Position of commands: 1. Croatia — 17 (8); 2. Hungary — 12 (7); 3. Wales — 11 (7); 4. Slovakia — 10 (7); 5. Azerbaijan — 1 (7).

Group G

Slovenia — Latvia — 1:0 (Tarasov, 53, own goal).

Israel — Poland — 1:2 (Dabbour, 88 — Krychowiak, 4, Pentek, 54).

Austria — North Macedonia — 2:1 (Alaba, 7, Leiner, 48 — Stojanovski, 90+3).

Position of commands: 1. Poland — 22 (9); 2. Austria — 19 (9); 3. Macao — 14 (9); 4. Northern Macedonia — 11 (9); 5. Israel — 11 (9); 6. Latvia — 0 (9).

Sunday, November 17, in the UEFA Euro 2020 will play: Kosovo — Britain, Bulgaria — Czech Republic (group a), Luxembourg, Portugal, Serbia — Ukraine (group b), Albania, France, Moldova, Iceland and Andorra — Turkey (group N).

Recall that the final of the European championship 2020 will be held from 12 June to 12 July at 12 stadiums 12 cities 12 national associations of UEFA. Participation in tournament will see 24 teams that will be divided into six groups of four teams. The draw for the group stage of Euro 2020 will take place on 30 November in Bucharest. The final match of the tournament will be played July 12 at the stadium “Wembley” in London.


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