For the month against COVID spent 1.3 billion

За месяц на борьбу с COVID потратили 1,3 млрд

Combating coronavirus is relatively cheap, if you believe the Cabinet

At the expense of budgets of all levels on measures for the suppression of coronavirus payments at $ 4.5 billion, according to the Ministry of Finance.

For iiul to fight the coronavirus used only 1.3 billion UAH, the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

“According to the Treasury, as of July 30, at the expense of budgets of all levels made payments in the amount of 4.5 billion UAH 1.7 billion hryvnia from the state budget and 2.8 billion UAH from local budgets for the purchase of goods and services to combat COVID – 19 the procurement procedure stipulated by the Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 225. In July, spent 1.3 billion hryvnias”, — is spoken in the message.

It is also noted that the Finance Ministry constantly monitors budget expenditures for the purchase of goods and services necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19.

Earlier it was reported that the Fund to combat the coronavirus, which is 66 billion UAH, pornotubeplanet. In the Cabinet said that he used only 10% of the funds.

Earlier it was reported, chocamine Ministers nepravilnosti in the health sector, only 15% of the money allocated from the Fund.

It should be noted, stabalise half of the Fund(35 billion) will be spent on road works. How is it connected with coronavirus in the Cabinet do not explain.