For the treatment of coronavirus will use worms: what technologies and medicines applied even

In two French hospitals began testing drugs on the basis of hemoglobin obtained from the blood of annelids. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

Для лечения коронавируса будут использовать червей: какие технологии и лекарства применяют еще

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The drug will help patients suffering from respiratory complications of the disease COVID-19.

The worms have attracted the attention of scientists due to the fact that only breathing in water and stop breathing in the sand. Scientists have found that the hemoglobin in their blood is a store of oxygen, which is enough for six hours.

Developed the drug has already helped dozens of patients after transplantation of kidney. Now hope in him lay doctors, treating acute respiratory distress syndrome.

In the first stage of testing it will be offered almost hopeless patients as experimental drugs.

What methods of treatment COVID-19 used in the world

In Italy announced the result of the treatment of patients with coronavirus drug against rheumatoid arthritis “Tocilizumab” (Tocilizumab) produced by the pharmaceutical company Roche. This was the result of a scientific experiment, the Protocol of which was approved at the state level. A total of 11 patients in Naples were treated not according to the purpose specified drug and the results are impressive.

The drug acts on the complication of this virus, that is, in inflammation which creates COVID-19. It reduces hyperactivity of the immune system which is the cause of respiratory failure.

Researchers from France published a statement which details how the combination of antimalarials and antibiotics can be an important weapon in the fight against coronavirus.

In early March, researchers have prescribed to patients hydroxychloroquine antimalarial and the antibiotic azithromycin, according to data published in the International journal of antimicrobial agents. Some experts, however, also urge caution in relation to combination drugs.

Federal FDA food and drug administration is studying the effect of hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment COVID-19, but does not give any recommendations on it.

In summary his research, the experts noted that patients “showed a significant reduction of virus carriers” 6 days after starting treatment with two drugs, and “significantly lower the average duration of carriage” compared with untreated patients.

Untreated patients were included in the study for negative control. 6 patients in the study were asymptomatic while 22 patients had symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, 8 had symptoms of infections of the lower respiratory tract. The researchers looked at 20 cases.

In different States the disease is spreading at different speeds. And for some reason coronavirus infection (at least at first glance) exhibits significantly less activity in countries where children are mandatory vaccinated against tuberculosis with BCG vaccine.

This theory is based on public statistics of infection by coronavirus. Engaged in the research, doctors say that the presence of BCG a particular person definitely does not give him immunity against the new virus. Vaccinated patients are among the seriously ill, and the death toll from COVID-19.

At the same time, it cannot be excluded that in the course of a pandemic vaccine may be useful at the national level: in any case, the preliminary data of this theory do not contradict.

According to new data, based on observations of patients, more than two thirds of critically ill patients with COVID-19 condition has improved after treatment, “Redecision”, an experimental drug developed by the Californian company Gilead Sciences Inc.

The author called the results “encouraging”, but warned that it is difficult to interpret the results, because they do not include a comparison with the control group, as it would be in the case of randomized clinical trials. In addition, the number of patients was small, the disclosed detail is limited and the observation time was relatively short.

After completing the course of treatment with “Redecision” and surveillance for 18 days in 36 patients, or 68%, there was a significant improvement. More than half of the 30 patients who at the beginning of the study were on ventilators, unable to breathe on his own. 25 patients, or 47%, were discharged from the hospital. Seven patients, 13% of the total number of the studied died.

There are a number of drugs that doctors around the world are trying to treat COVID-19. In the treatment of patients with coronavirus doctors focus not primarily on scientific publications or the results of clinical trials (although that counts too), and who recommendations and national clinical guidelines.

Who in their clinical recommendations regarding COVID-19 also recognizes that “now there is no evidence to recommend any specific treatment”. However, employees of the organization continually monitor experimental therapies and conduct updated list of drugs that are used within the organization — both within clinical trials and beyond.

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