For those who are tired of isolation: in California, once again earned a drive-in movie

During the quarantine all definitely miss a good movie on the big screens. But amid quarantine because of the epidemic coronavirus infection is hard to say when the theaters reopened. However, a drive-in movie West Wind Drive-In in California has found a way to please the audience with quality movies even in quarantine. About it writes the edition Only in Your State.

Для тех, кто устал от изоляции: в Калифорнии вновь заработал автомобильный кинотеатр

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A drive-in movie West Wind Drive-In in Sacramento was one of hundreds of theatres, which had to be closed after the disposal of the authorities of isolation. Now it has reopened its doors, but with some conditions. For starters, all visitors must adhere to the principles of social distancing.

West Wind Drive-In was closed only a week before to open again. However, his administration took care of the introduction of some austerity measures of social distancing for visitors to the school can remain a safe place.

First, customers must remain in their cars. To leave the vehicles is strictly prohibited, so be prepared to sit through the entire film inside the machine.

Second, at the same time the toilet can only be one person, except an adult child. And finally, all the cafes are closed, so don’t forget to bring snacks and drinks to enjoy while watching the movie.

As long as all these rules are observed, auto cinema will remain open to the public. Currently, the West Wind holds film screenings every Thursday. What movie will show, you can check the link.

In such unstable times, the trip and watching the movie with family create much-needed sense of normalcy. Prices at the cinema West Wind Drive-In remain the same: $7,95 per ticket for adults and $1,25 for children aged 5 to 11 years. Children under 4 years stay free of charge.

If you want to be aware of any changes and updates to the schedules this page West Wind Drive-In in Facebook.

Theater address: 9616 Oates Dr, Sacramento, CA 95827.



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