For world Championships 2019 athletics for the first time in history in one of the sprint race was found women and men (video)

На ЧМ-2019 по легкой атлетике впервые в истории в одном спринтерском забеге встретились женщины и мужчины (видео)

At the world championship in athletics in Doha, was the first ever final in the relay 4×400 meters.

Note that in this kind of program in the race involved two men and women on each team. While the competition rules do not regulated the course of men and women.

In particular, the national team of Poland made a request that when the opponents to the second stage out women, that she ran the man.

In turn, at the last stage, the poles fled St Justin, which was a great advantage over rivals, but polka was unable to defend his lead, as its fairly easy ahead of athletes from other countries.

In the end, team Poland took only 5-th place.

And the victory was won by team USA, setting a new world record. Final:

  1. USA – 3.09,34
  2. Jamaica – 3.11,78
  3. Bahrain – 3.11,82
  4. United Kingdom – 3.12,27
  5. Poland – 3.12,33
  6. Belgium – 3.14,22

We will add that in 2020, the combined relay 4×400 meters will be represented at the Olympic games.