For world Championships 2019 basketball New Zealand team before the encounter with the Greeks performed an awesome dance “Haka” (video)

На ЧМ-2019 по баскетболу сборная Новой Зеландии перед поединком с греками исполнила устрашающий танец "Хака" (видео)

In the final round of the first group stage of the world basketball championship, which takes place in China, in group F was played the decisive match between Greece and New Zealand.

This match was supposed to determine the second team (after the Brazilians) that would have continued performances on the second stage of the world Cup.

Maybe that’s why the team of the island nation decided to intimidate his opponent before the match and played a brand ritual dance “Haka”.

Looked threatening, but the dance did not impress the opponent – the national team of Greece, though and in persistent struggle, but has achieved the desired victory 103:97.

Maybe because the basketball team of Greece are the true connoisseurs of this dance, but performed by the Rugby team of New Zealand