“For you Flora” wins a prize at Cannes

“For you Flora” wins an award at Cannes


The series “For you Flora”, which has just ended on ICI Télé, won the “Representation of Race and Ethnicity” prize at the MIPCOM Cannes Diversify TV Awards on Wednesday in Cannes.  

Writer and director Sonia Bonspille Boileau, as well as producer Jason Brennan, from Nish Media, were on hand to accept the award.

“We are extremely proud to receive this award from MIPCOM, which confirms that the story of “Pour toi Flora”, although rooted in Quebec, resonates with international audiences. And above all, it confirms to us, Sonia and me, that there is recognition for the stories of our elders and survivors. We listen to them, we finally understand their experiences,” Jason Brennan said in a statement.

The scenario of “For you Flora” is inspired by real events to tell the difficult journey of a brother and a sister of Anishinaabe (Algonquin) origin who were separated from their parents in the 1960s to be “educated” in a native boarding school. We see them as children and adults, with their own families, measuring how their tragic past has never left them.

“For you Flora”, which shines internationally thanks to Attraction Distribution, does not is not taking its first steps outside the Canadian borders. The six-episode series was part of the official selection of the La Rochelle Fiction Festival in France last month.

Dominique Pétin, Marco Collin, Virginie Fortin, Antoine Pilon, Samian, Ève Ringuette, André Robitaille, Théodore Pellerin, Jean-Carl Boucher, Sophie Desmarais, Jean L'Italien, Charles Bender, Jacqueline Michel, Iannicko N'Doua, Katia Rock, Charles Buckell Robertson, Chantal Baril, Sara Rankin Kistabish, Russell Flamand, Jonah Bacon and Charlotte Pashagumeskum star in this series currently available on ICI TOU.TV. From November 16, it will be reserved for subscribers to the public broadcaster's platform. APTN will make it available starting November 7.