For youthful skin: the doctors called the perfect diet

With age, the skin loses firmness and elasticity, its color can deteriorate rapidly. The doctors told me that when included in the diet some foods can increase the energy level in the cells and slow down the aging process of the skin. First of all, beauticians suggest to include in the diet brown rice.

Для молодости кожи: медики назвали идеальный рацион питания

According to them, this product not only improves skin, but also promotes weight loss. Complement brown rice with vegetables and fish. In the list of useful products for the skin also turned out to be spinach. It is the best source of iron. So the spinach is well absorbed, it must be consumed along with lemon juice. Another product for skin elasticity doctors call legumes. This product is one of the best sources of complex carbohydrates to support optimal energy levels in the body.

And even beauticians suggest at least once a week eat fatty fish. To maintain the skin in good condition she needs fatty acid omega-3, so fish is the best choice for those women who want to stay young for a long time. In addition, doctors suggest to include in the daily diet of bananas and honey. However, one of the best products for the skin are apples. They are rich in dietary fibre, which promotes rapid removal of toxins and hence cleansing of the skin.